Ros Wagener Photographer

Capturing the Essence in a photograph

Passionate about light and color, specializes in transforming ordinary moments into memories extraordinary. With a unique ability to the social report and the photography of events, my goal is to tell your story through powerful images.

My years of experience and my eye for detail allow me to capture the essence of every occasion, from the intimacy of a portrait until the effervescence of an important event. In each shot, I seek not only to immortalize a moment, but also to convey the emotion and the context that surrounds it.


Social Report

I capture the essence of the moments of social, focusing on the naturalness and emotion of each event to create memories, authentic and full of life.


I think portraits that reflect the personality and the unique character of each person, using the light and the environment to highlight its essence.

Event photography

Specialist in immortalizing events, from family celebrations to corporate meetings, ensuring captures dynamic and memorable.

Photos of the Interior

Photographing interior spaces by combining technique and creativity to highlight the architecture and the design of each environment.

Photography classes

I offer photography courses for all levels, teaching from basic techniques to advanced concepts, adapted to the needs of each student.

My Three Pillars

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the heart of my work. I strive to bring a fresh approach and innovative to each project, always looking for new perspectives and techniques to tell stories through my pictures.

Attention to Detail

The details make the difference. I am dedicated to capturing every tiny aspect that makes them unique to the times, from a subtle look to the texture of an environment, ensuring that each image convey your entire message.

Passion for Teaching

Photography is a journey of constant learning. My passion for teaching is reflected in my classes, where I share my experience and knowledge, encouraging each student to explore their own style and vision in the photographic art.

Catch Your Dreams with Us

Are you ready to transform your special moments into unforgettable memories or to elevate your photography skills? Contact me today and let's start to give life to your visions. Your story, told as never before.

Let's talk about Your Ideas and Projects

Do you have a special event, an idea for a portrait, or you want to learn more about photography? I'm here to help. Send me your questions, details about your project, or requests for information on courses. Let's make your ideas come to life!

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