About us

I am a photographer with over 30 years of experience, with a passion for light and colour, specializing in transforming ordinary moments into memories extraordinary.

An Eye for the Perfect Moment

With years of experience in the industry, my ability to capture the essence of each moment is what sets me apart. From the privacy of a personal portrait to the vibrant energy of a big event, every photograph is a testament to my attention to detail. I seek to not only capture moments, but also to capture the emotion and the context that surrounds them, creating images that tell a story and evoke deep feelings.

Beyond the Photography of Events

My passion extends beyond the events and reports on social. I have a deep admiration and skill in interior photography. In this area, I focus on highlighting the beauty and harmony of spaces, playing with the light, the textures and the colors. Each image is an effort to capture the essence of the design and architecture, offering a unique perspective that allows the images to speak for themselves and tell the story of the space.

Sharing the Art of Photography

As an educator, I am dedicated to transmit my knowledge and experience in photography. My classes are designed to inspire and empower photographers of all levels. From those just starting out and looking to understand the fundamentals, to professional photographers who want to perfect their techniques, each course is an opportunity to explore and grow in the vast world of photography. 

My Three Pillars

Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the heart of my work. I strive to bring a fresh approach and innovative to each project, always looking for new perspectives and techniques to tell stories through my pictures.

Attention to Detail

The details make the difference. I am dedicated to capturing every tiny aspect that makes them unique to the times, from a subtle look to the texture of an environment, ensuring that each image convey your entire message.

Passion for Teaching

Photography is a journey of constant learning. My passion for teaching is reflected in my classes, where I share my experience and knowledge, encouraging each student to explore their own style and vision in the photographic art.

Let's talk about Your Ideas and Projects

Do you have a special event, an idea for a portrait, or you want to learn more about photography? I'm here to help. Send me your questions, details about your project, or requests for information on courses. Let's make your ideas come to life!

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